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Add machine learning to your product in 10-20 lines of code. Add it on top of the rules you already have, get that 20% gain, and never think about it again.

Code sample of Bandit ML API.

Trusted by startups around the world

Start improving the metrics you care about in 5 minutes

Conversions, purchases, sign-ups, whatever. Use the Bandit API to select the best things to show each user.
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Unlimited use cases, intentionally generic API.

From product recommendations to hero text personalization, developers use the Bandit ML API to get 20% gains with 5 minutes of work.
Screenshot of product recommendations.

Product recommendations

Take your product recs to the next level by letting Bandit choose what to show users to maximize revenue.

A/B test example.

Landing page hero text optimization

Personalize hero text for your landing page visitors to increase your site's conversion rate.

Example promotion.

Promotion optimization

Don’t send customers $5 off when $2 off would work just as well. Use Bandit to choose what promo works best.

Used by startups around the world

Bandit ML was really easy to integrate and our first experiment ended up substantially increasing our revenue. The ROI from their service has been really clear to us.

Senior Product Manager, Namecheap
The Bandit ML team walked me through the setup process and within a few weeks we were able to see experiment results that significantly improved our metrics.

Co-founder, Leon & George

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Grocery app improves profit 7% using Bandit API

A popular grocery app augmented their rules-based promotions with Bandit ML and significantly improved their profitability and saw more repeat customers.

Case study performance graph.

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