Frequently Asked Questions

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How often are promotion recommendations sent to my customers?

Bandit ML continually crunches your store's data to send promotions the moment an opportunity is identified, always staying within your configured guardrails. Our algorithm biases towards being conservative and only sends offers when there is a substantial predicted benefit. You can edit various sending guardrails in the app settings which affect the frequency and timing of sends.

Wouldn't giving everyone the max promo amount be the best strategy?

We track the cost of a promotion too, so that wouldn’t do so well. Our tech sends the smallest promotion possible to get the largest possible profit & retention gain. We use machine learning to identify the users that don’t need a promotion vs. the ones that do and act accordingly.

What metrics does your service optimize for?

We're focused on improving profit, retention, and new user activation. If you have other metrics you want to optimize for we'd love to hear about them. Reach out to us at!